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Zab Living is a project created with the purpose of giving life and soul to this village and contributing to the development of the region. It is born from the desire to share our little corner of the world and give wings to our dreams, while always respecting what is around us.

From the ruin, we reinforced the foundations and kept its rough lines, just as it was in the past. As a backdrop, the Castelo de Bode lake accompanies us and is part of our history.

From the outside, the shale stone connects us to the ruin´s origins and the past, lining the corridor that, inside, makes us travel back in time within the cozy simplicity of the inclined wooden ceilings.

created with the purpose of giving life and soul to this village


On the other facade, we used wood because it represents the future which we want to be as sustainable as possible. Following this line of thought, we tried to minimize our footprint and decided not to install a conventional air conditioning system. Instead, we have a differentiated air conditioning system, the heat pump, providing heating and cooling through radiant floors.

We believe that what is done with heart and soul has more value, and for us, every detail tells a story. The minimalist suites and their simple decor make you feel at home.

​We connect the past, the present, and the future, but it is in the present that we want you to enjoy all the experiences we have to offer.

​An 1h30 from Lisbon and an 1h50 from Porto, our abode is in the heart of Portugal, and we want to prove that this is much more than a transitory place.

we believe that what is done with heart and soul has more value, and for us, every detail tells a story

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We want to rekindle memories and honor the people who once lived here, such as the families of Inácios, Gaspares, Raposos, Agostinhos, Venturas, Índios and Maias, who filled these streets with life.

We restored the house's roots, recovered its jambs, and transformed its benches reimagining the house's past, and honoring its memory with a contemporary twist.

We learned from those who know that “we don't give what we don't need, but instead what we need”. They remind us of the most important values - humility and sharing with purpose. We live in the present and reap what we sow.

In Zaboeira, life goes slowly, and every day is a day of new discoveries.

Looking forward to discovering more with us?

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The places we least expect are the ones that surprise us the most. Bathed by the Castelo de Bode lake, life in this little corner of Portugal's interior is full of activities. It is almost always when it comes to this matter that time fails us. We always need and want more.

During your stay you can choose from the activities that the lake offers (wakeboard, stand-up paddle, boat trips), to the trails you can take around the water (either on foot or by electric bike) where you will interact and learn from the local people, or simply relax and unwind.

There are multiple ways to make the most of your stay at our house.

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As it is already certain and understood that the concept of work has changed, we are available to receive you in these new circumstances.

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Whether alone or in a team, here you will find the best spot to work and maximize your productivity. Get inspired by the incredible view and elevate your creativity. Talk to us for more information.

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