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The calm you need


The peace that can be felt in this corner of the world,
only those who have experienced it can understand.

This suite presents you with its simplicity and unique details.
It makes you travel back in time through its sloping wooden roof,
transporting you to the place where you really need to be: the present.


Extra beds are not allowed in any of the suites.

Due to legal requirements for the accommodation of animals, pets are not allowed. Booking for 3 people implies booking 2 or more suites.

The use of the kitchen is exclusive access to the staff. It is not allowed to bring or eat meals. Only alcoholic beverages purchased at the establishment are allowed.


Given the characteristics of the accommodation,
only children over 12 years old can be admitted.



In case of cancellation of reservations due to Coronavirus, there will be no charge, as long as informed up to 48 hours before the check-in date.
Valid reasons: inability to travel, infected people or in compulsory isolation.

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